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Polymer Information Databases

CAMPUS Database is a large database of material properties for commercial polymer grades.

PoLyInfo is a polymer database supported by NIMS, National Institute for Materials Science.  It is supported through the government of Japan.  A login is required but it is free to register.

Polymers Database (Login required) is a database maintained by Wiley in support of their book, Polymers: A Property Database, which contains polymer material properties.  


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  • eWeek -- National Engineers Week.
  • eZoo --The electronic zoo - veterinary medical information available on the Internet.
  • ThinkQuest --ThinkQuest Inc. is a non profit organization which offers programs designed to advance education through the use of technology.
  • IBM LEO --IBM Local Education Outreach Program at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York.
  • Free Science Classes -- Become Bill Gates classmates!  Take classes on all subjects at the Knan Academy


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