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Spring 2014 ACS Meeting

Posted on February 22, 2014 at 4:50 PM

With Spring 2014 National Meeting only three weeks away, details on PMSE sessions can be found on the Dallas ACS Meeting page. 

Highlighs include a plenary leacture from Joseph DeSimone and sessions covering electrospinning, supramolecular assembly, conjugated polymers, dynamic/responsive polymers, and the rational design of functional polymeric materials.  Awards will be presented for the 2014 ACS Applied Polymer Science Award and the 2014 Cooperative Research Award. The 2013 class of PMSE Fellows will speak in a symposia held in their honor.

And as a reminder, the sumbission deadline for the Fall 2014 ACS Meeting, held in San Fransciso, is March 10th for PMSE abstracts.

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