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PMSE ACS San Francisco Details

Posted on May 26, 2014 at 2:55 PM

Thanks to everyone who submitted for a wonderful PMSE sesion in San Francisco.

There will be 17 symposia with 57 sessions, making a total of 732 submissions overall.

Symposia List

  • Advanced Materials Synthesis and Assembly Toward Technology Challenges
  • Advances in Polymer Science and Engineering:  The 4th Joint Symposium Between ACS-PMSE and the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)-Polymer Division (PD)
  • Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry
  • Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science
  • Frontiers in Computational Methods for Polymeric Materials
  • Functional Fluids:  Synthesis, Structure and Properties
  • Functional Supramolecular Polymers
  • General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials
  • Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session
  • Journal of Polymer Science Award: Symposium in Honor of Brent Sumerlin
  • Kathryn C. Hach Award of Entrepreneurial Success:  Symposium in Honor of Joseph M. DeSimone, Benjamin W. Maynor and Jason P. Rolland
  • National Fresenius Award:  Symposium in Honor of William R. Dichtel
  • Polymer Hybrids and Alloys for Coatings and Films:  ACS Award for Team Innovation Symposium in Honor of Ramin Amin-Sanayei, Kevin Hanrahan, John Stuligross, Roice Willie and Kurt Wood
  • Porous Polymers
  • Roy W. Tess Award:  Symposium in Honor of James V. Crivello
  • Self-Healing and Shape Memory Materials
  • Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular, Macromolecular and Nanostructured Systems and Biopolymer-driven Organization of Nanostructures

Locations of symposia and further information will be posted in June.

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