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250th American Chemical Society National Meeting

The 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition will be held August 16-20, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and surrounding hotels.  The program theme is Innovation from Discovery to Application.

The submission deadline is March 16th, 2015 for all PMSE symposia abstracts.  Note: This has been extended March 25th.  This is not reflected in the call for papers.  Other divisions may have different deadlines. 

PMSE Sponsored Symposia

The list of PMSE sponsored symposia are provided below.  For each symposia, there is a link to the ACS Abstract submission site and a separate a "Call to Papers" PDF if available.

For PMSE sessions, preprints are optional.  The preprint template can be found here

Adhesion Science and Adhesive Materials

Advanced Materials for High Performance Formulations

General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials

Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session

Materials for Printed Electronics (Flexible & Printed Electronics: Materials, Methods, and Applications)
New Advances in Nanostructured Polymeric Membranes for Filtration, Separation and Purification

Phase Separation and Morphology Development in Polymers

Transition Metal Catalyzed Olefin Polymerization: Towards Structure Control

Invited Sessions

  • Celebrating 50 Years of Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science
  • Journal of Polymer Science Award Symposium.
  • Roy W. Tess Award:  Symposium in Honor of Jamil Baghdachi