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Message from the Chair

Dr. Todd Emrick


Dear PMSE Members:

The PMSE Division has prepared an innovative array of programming for display of state-of-the-art polymer materials science at the Fall 2011 American Chemical Society Meeting in Denver.  In addition to traditional aspects of polymer chemistry and engineering, the PMSE Division continues to develop new relationships with diverse materials communities, ranging in focus from biology, to hybrid materials, to functional devices.  PMSE programming at National ACS meetings aims to reflect a broad view of the polymer field, and we encourage and welcome your input into programming, which as always stands at the core of the Division’s purpose. The 241st National Meeting and Exposition in Denver, held from August 28 to September 1, 2011, offers an exciting array of programming in the talks and poster sessions, and also honors pioneers in the field. As always, tremendous thanks are due to the PMSE technical programming committee, which to works diligently to organize outstanding programming for the benefit of PMSE members.  If you are able to attend the upcoming meeting in Denver, please visit the PMSE Table in the Sheraton Downtown Denver, as we always appreciate input from membership.  If you are interested in getting more deeply involved with PMSE, through programming or other activities, please contact me at the meeting, or by email at tsemrick@mail.pse.umass.edu.

A number of exciting technical symposia have been organized – for a full list, please paste this link into your web-browser, http://pmse.sites.acs.org/ futureprogramming.htm. Alternatively, you may go to the ACS website and follow the links to the Fall 2011 ACS meeting to the PMSE program site.

In addition to the technical symposia listed below, PMSE is pleased to honor Professor Dean Webster with the Roy W. Tess Award, for his work in Polymer Materials and Coatings at North Dakota State University.  In addition, PMSE is hosting the ACS Award in Team Innovation, which is awarded to Patricia Burns, Chieh-Min Cheng, Graznya Kmiecik Lawryrowicz, and Tie Hwee Ng.  A symposium has been organized in connection to these awards.


Additional PMSE Programming in Denver:

Akzo-Nobel Student Award Symposium

Dynamics of Nanostructured Polymers

Function through Macromolecular Assembly

Porous Polymers

Symposium in Memory of Professor Anne Hiltner

PET Recycling:  Bridging Gaps through Innovation

General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials


Best wishes for an enjoyable and stimulating ACS meeting in Denver!


Todd Emrick
2011 Chair of the PMSE Division