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Message from the Chair

Dr. Dave Schiraldi


Dear PMSE Members:

The PMSE Division Executive Committee continues to refine the activities of our Division, so that we remain relevant to our membership in a constantly-evolving world.  At the Philadelphia and future Meetings, look for increasing emphasis on Materials as an important aspect of PMSE programming, whereas our sister division, POLY, will focus more on pure polymer chemistry.  Our recent alliance with the Biomaterials Society is an example of our sharpened focus on materials.  The officers of PMSE meet at a retreat each January to work on our focus, and to ensure that planned activities are in step with the Division’s mission.  The new annual conference between PMSE and the Chinese Chemical Society is off to a great start, with a group of PMSE officers/Fellows participating in the CCS’s polymer conference at Sichuan University with a reprise of the symposium in Beijing.  The second annual PMSE/CCS-Polymer symposium is being planned as part of the Spring 2013 ACS National meeting in New Orleans, with follow up symposia tentatively planned at the University of Southern Mississippi and Case Western Reserve University. The symposium at “Case” will also be part of that institution’s 50th birthday celebration – the nation’s polymer departments are all coming of age, so the next decade will afford us opportunities to reflect upon where we have been as a science and as an industry, and where we need to go in the coming generation. Case Western Reserve University will also host a special symposium in New Orleans next spring – hope to see you there!

Tremendous thanks are due to the PMSE technical programming committee, which to works diligently to organize outstanding programming for the benefit of PMSE members. If you are able to attend the upcoming meeting in Philadelphia, please visit the PMSE Table in the Sheraton City Center, as we always appreciate input from membership, and can provide opportunities for you to become more deeply involved with PMSE, if interested. A number of exciting symposia have been organized – for a full list paste this link into your web-browser, http://pmse.sites.acs.org/futureprogramming.htm. You may go to the ACS website and follow the links to the Fall 2012 ACS meeting to the PMSE program site.

In addition to the technical symposia listed below, PMSE is pleased to honor Christopher Bielawski with the first Journal of Polymer Science Award.  Symposia will also be held in honor of Benny D. Freeman (Roy W. Tess Award), John Reynolds (ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science), and Miyake Garret (AkzoNobel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry).

Additional PMSE Programming in Philadelphia:

  • Design and Applications of Organic and Metal-Organic Porous Materials  
  • Field Responsive Polymeric Materials
  • Main Group Chemistry in Polymer and Material Sciences
  • Polymeric Materials and Surfaces for Cell Differentiation
  • Polymers for Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Polymeric Biomaterials
  • PMSE Young Investigators Symposium

  • WCU International Symposium on Energy Storage and Conversion
  • Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session
  • General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials    

Best wishes for an enjoyable and stimulating ACS meeting in Philly!

                            Dave Schiraldi
                            Case Western Reserve University
                            2012 Chair of the PMSE Division