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Message from the Chair, 2016


Dear PMSE Members and Friends,

It is an honor to serve you as Chair of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE) in 2016. I appreciate the opportunity to serve alongside you in what I believe will be an exciting year for the Division.  I want to take this opportunity to welcome new PMSE members.  It is exciting time to be in the fields of polymers and other materials!  I hope your PMSE membership will start a long and rewarding association with a premier profession association in polymers and other materials.

I want to thank you, the royal members of the Division, who contribute countless hours to organize PMSE symposia, to organize and lead PMSE/Poly student chapters, to serve as advisors of the PMSE/Poly student chapters, to serve on PMSE Committees, or contribute time to serve PMSE in other volunteer capacities, or simply renew your PMSE membership year after year!  Special thanks go to past Division Chairs and the PMSE Executive Committee for their strong leadership and stewardship. It is your royalty, leadership, dedication and hard work that have made the Division in as great a shape as it is today.

The ACS PMSE Division, founded in 1924, has a long and proud history. As I lead the Division as Chair this year, it is instructive to remind us the Vision and the Mission of our Division.

Mission:  To provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and foster interactions in materials science and engineering for the global chemistry community.

Vision: to reach out across technical, generational, and international boundaries to create the premier home of materials science and engineering for the global chemistry community

A central goal of the Division is to serve you, the PMSE members, in the global chemistry community. To this end, PMSE designs and develops technical programming that not only is rooted in traditional polymers but also captures the emerging trends in polymers and other materials. PMSE also strives to reach out across technical, generational, and international boundaries in outreach activities.

PMSE continues the fine tradition of highly interdisciplinary programming at ACS national meetings. Thanks to the great efforts of our Technical Programming Committee and the individual symposium organizers, PMSE offers exciting, innovative and interdisciplinary programs with an emphasis on emerging fields of polymers and other materials including biomaterials, energy, nanomedicine, novel synthetic methods, self-assembly, polymers from nontraditional sources, stimuli responsive polymers, etc. If you would like to organize a PMSE symposium, please feel free to contact the PMSE Technical Programming Committee or me.

PMSE continues its international outreach with an annual Joint Symposium Series on Polymers with the Chinese Chemical Society- Polymer Division (CCS-PD). This ACS-PMSE/CCS-PD joint symposium series was launched in Chengdu, China in 2012 and has been held alternately in China and the United States since then.  The last ACS-PMSE/CCS-PD joint symposium was held in Suzhou, China in October, 2015. The next joint symposium will be held at the San Diego ACS National Meeting in March, 2016.

PMSE’s international outreach made an important breakthrough this year with the election of first ever international members to our latest class of PMSE Fellows. They are Professor Jung-Il Jin of Korea University, Korea and Professor Shiro Kobayashi of Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan. Professor Jin and Professor Kobayashi join two other distinguished PMSE members, Professor Antonio Facchetti of Northwestern University and Professor Karen Wineyof University of Pennsylvania, as the 2016 Class of PMSE Fellows. The 2016 Class of PMSE Fellows will be inducted at the San Diego ACS National Meeting during the PMSE/Poly Awards Reception on Wednesday night, March 16, 2016.

PMSE continues to work closely with our sister division, the Poly Division, on several items of mutual interest, including joint PMSE/Poly student chapters, joint polymer education initiatives, a joint poster session and a joint award reception at the ACS national meetings.  On technical programming, PMSE has increased emphasis on Materials as an important aspect of our technical programming, whereas Poly focuses more on pure polymer chemistry. 

PMSE strives to identify and nurture the rising stars of our profession—our talented young investigators and graduate students. Relevant PMSE’s programs include

  • Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry Symposium     
  • Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science
  • PMSE Young Investigators Symposium
  • PMSE/Poly student chapters

At the San Francisco ACS National Meeting in 2017, please look out for our very successful and popular PMSE Young Investigators Symposium.

At the San Diego ACS Nation Meeting, PMSE will celebrate and honor the achievements of our distinguished members.  PMSE will hold award symposia and an award ceremony to honorThomas P. Russell for ACS Award in Applied Polymer ScienceAntonio Facchetti forACS Award for Creative Invention, and Brian Benicewicz and Gordon Calundann forPMSE Cooperative Research Award.  PMSE will also honor the memory of the late ProfessorJames V. Crivello with a James V. Crivello Memorial Symposium.

The PMSE programming at the San Diego ACS National Meeting also features the sixth Joint Symposium with the Chinese Chemical Society- Polymer Division entitled “Hybrid Polymers and Nanocomposites.” A post-symposium workshop on Frontiers of Polymer Science and Engineering will be held at University of California – San Diego.

The PMSE programming at the San Diego ACS National Meeting will feature a total of 15 symposia, over 50 sessions, and more than 500 presentations. As always, tremendous thanks are due to the PMSE Technical Programming Committee, which works tirelessly to identify and organize outstanding programming for the benefit of PMSE members.

For PMSE members who are unable to attend the ACS national meeting, selected presentations are available at the ACS website after each meeting.


As always, we thank you for your continued PMSE membership and for your contributions to PMSE programming. I hope to see you in San Diego!


Respectfully yours,

Qinghuang Lin
Chair, PMSE
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
qhlin [at] us.ibm.com


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