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2007 Awardees for the Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Science and Engineering, sponsored by the Eastman Kodak Company


Professor Alec Scranton, Professor Christopher Bowman, Dr. Joe Oxman,

Dr. Michael Idacavage, Dr. John Woods, Dr. Don Herr

The 2007 winners of the Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Science and Engineering presented by the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Division of Polymeric Materials:
Science and Engineering (PMSE) are Professor Alec Scranton, University of Iowa; Professor Christopher Bowman, University of Colorado; Dr. Joe Oxman, 3M Corporation; Dr. Michael
, Cytec Surface Specialties; Dr. John Woods, Henkel Corporation; and Dr. Don Herr, National Starch and Chemical. Professor David Schiraldi, Chair of the PMSE Cooperative
Research Award Committee, announced the award, which is endowed by the Eastman Kodak Company, and has been presented annually since 1992.

This multi-location team won the 2007 award for their highly productive and sustained collaborative efforts in the area of photopolymerizations. Professors Scranton and Bowman are
internationally-recognized contributors to the fundamental understanding of kinetics, mechanism, structure and properties of hotopolymerization systems, resulting in over 100 and 175 peer reviewed publications in the field, respectively. These two academicians have long-standing ties with one another, resulting in numerous collaborative grants and research projects. In 2000, Professors Scranton and Bowman formed an IUCRC center to better invite participation by industrial sponsors and collaborators. This center has successfully translated academic research into a number of practical, commercial applications of photochemistry.
The IUCRC center has produced more than 65 collaborative publications and 12 patent disclosures over the past 4 years. Industrial collaborators have spent sabbatical time in the Iowa and Colorado university laboratories.

Industrial Collaborators, Joe Oxman, Michael Idacavage, John Woods, and Don Herr lead the group that translates academic discoveries into commercially-valuable products and processes. These inventions include a new class of fast reacting, food safe monomers licensed to Cytec for use in food packaging inks, hybrid cationic/radical polymerization systems which use staged curing steps for products under development at 3M and Henkel, thiol-ene and thiol-ene-acrylate materials and other materials used by National Starch & Chemical and by Henkel for UV curable adhesives.

The award, which includes a $3,000.00 prize, will be presented at PMSE’s awards luncheon and will be recognized by the Symposium “Fundamentals and Applications of Photopolymerizations” at the 233rd American Chemical Society meeting in Chicago, Illinois (March 2007).

For more information, contact David Schiraldi, Case Western Reserve University, Chairman, PMSE Cooperative Research Award Committee, Telephone: 216-368-4243, das44@cwru.edu .