Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Division: Archival Website (through 2017)


Conjugated Polyelectroloytes for Optoelectronics and Electronics and Biosensors
Organizers: Shu Wang, Xiong Gong
Thanks to Aldrich Materials Science, 1-Material Inc. for financial support

Session Themes

  • Novel Polymeric (Organic) Materials and Polymer Chemistry
  • Keynote Lectures
  • OPV Devices
  • OPV: Characterization, Novel Materials and Interface
  • Organic Thin Film Transistors and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Polymer Biosensors
  • Polymer Thermoelectric Devices and Others

Dynamic Covalent Chemistry in Polymer Science
Organizers: Brent Sumerlin, David Fulton
Thanks to IBM for financial support

Presentations focused on dynamic polymeric structures through responsive intramolecular and intermolecular chemistry and design

Electrospinning and Nanofibers: Symposium in Honor of Darrell Reneker
Organizers: Hao Fong, John Rabolt

Session Themes
  • New Methods, Rheology and Modeling
  • Structural Characterization and Processing
  • Biopolymers, Biomedical Applications and Composites
  • Sensors, Electronics, Optics and Novel Devices
  • Filtration, Bioseperation and Membranes

General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials
Sergio Granados-Focil

Presentations covering a broad range of fundamental chemistry, manufacturing process, and synthesis techniques in the polymer material science field

Structure for Function:  Rational Design of New Functional Polymeric Materials
Organizers: Chinedum Osuji, Roy Shenhar
Thanks to Henkel Corporation, IBM Almaden Research Center, Molmex Scientific, Nano Terra, Inc., Pall Corporation, Polymer Source, Polymer Standards Service, Rigaku Americas, and SAXSLAB for their support of this session.

Session Themes

  • Design and Synthesis of Structure-Inducing Components
  • Bio-Related Applications of Structured Materials
  • Assembly and Structure
  • Functionality and Devices Based on Structured Materials

Supramolecular Assembly and Gelation in Organic Solvents
Organizers: Daniel Savin, Kevin Cavicchi, Neil Ayres [Cosponsored by POLY]

Session Themes

  • Fundamental Studies of Organogels
  • Supramolecular Polymer Systems
  • Application-Driven Investigations
  • Mechanism-Driven Investigations

Symposium in Honor of Bernhard Wunderlich
Michael Jaffe, Stephen Cheng

Session Themes

  • Crystallization
  • Thermal analysis
  • Calorimetry

Invited and Award Symposia

ACS Award in Applied Polymer Chemistry

Symposium in Honor of Nicholas Peppas
Organizers: Christopher N. Bowman

PMSE thanks the Eastman Chemical Company for their generous support of this symposium. 


  • Ali Khademhossieni
  • Christopher N. Bowman
  • Antonios G. Mikos
  • Thomas M. Truskett
  • Jindrich Kopecek
  • Buddy D Ratner

Cooperative Research Award

Symposium in Honor of Emmanuel Giannelis, Clois  Powell, and Gary Beal
Sadhan Jana, Richard Vaia

PMSE thanks the Eastman Kodak for their generous support of this symposium.


  • Jeffrey Gilman
  • Richard Vaia
  • Phillip Messersmith
  • Evangelos Manias
  • David A Schiraldi
  • Ramanan Krishnamoorti
  • Emmanuel P. Giannelis, Gary W. Beall, Clois E. Powell

PMSE Fellows

Frontiers in Polymer Science and Engineering: PMSE Fellows Symposium
Organizers: Eric Lin, Keyur Desai

Speakers from the Thirteenth Class of PMSE Fellows:

  • Todd Emrick
  • Darrin Pochan
  • Kenneth Shea
  • James Wang
  • John Reynolds

This session will conclude with a panel discussion about the future of polymer science and engineering from PMSE Fellows.

PMSE Young Investigators Symposium
Organizers: Alshakim Nelson, Christopher Stafford, Matthew Becker

Young researchers from academia, government, and industry who are within seven years of having completed their graduate or postdoctoral studies were awarded to present in the PMSE Young Investigators Symposium.

PMSE thanks the IBM Almaden Research Center for their generous support of this symposium.


  • Adam B. Braunschweig
  • Jeremiah A. Johnson
  • Arthi Jayaraman
  • Jodie L Lutkenhaus
  • Christopher J. Ellison
  • Edwin P. Chan
  • Andrew J. Boydston
  • Luis M. Campos
  • Adah Almutairi
  • Daniel J. Coady
  • Chuanbing Tang
  • Margarita Herrera-Alonso
  • Christopher Forrey


Cosponsored Symposia

PMSE has supported sessions as secondary sponsored with CHED, COMP, POLY and PRES Divisions.  These sessions support ungraduate research, computational material science, and polymer chemistry.

Please visit the ACS program for more detail on these sessions.

  • Undergraduate Research Posters (with CHED)           
  • Material Science (with COMP) 
  • Membranes (with COMP)            
  • Poster Session (with COMP)
  • General Topics: New Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers (with POLY)
  • POLY/PMSE Plenary Lecture and Awards Reception (with POLY)
  • Sustainable Polymers, Processes and Product Applications (with POLY)
  • Benefits of Chemistry in our Lives (with PRES)

247th ACS National Meeting & Exposition - Chemistry & Materials for Energy

March 16-20, 2014
Dallas, Texas

PMSE Sessions will be held in the Dallas Hyatt Regency, co-located with POLY Division talks.Over 350 talks are scheduled to presented in PMSE Division sessions or PMSE-sponsored symposia.

Mobile apps will be available for download, containing hotel maps and the complete schedule of events and talks.

Evening Events

Monday, March 17th

Posters will be held during the Sci-Mix session on Monday evening from 8 -10 p.m. in Hall F of the Dallas Convention Center.  42 PMSE posters will be presented from across the field of polymer material science.

Tuesday, March 18th

The PMSE/POLY Poster Session will be held Tuesday evening from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. in Hall F of the Dallas Convention Center, Hall A. Nearly 100 posters have been registered for this event.

Wednesday, March 19th

The POLY/PMSE Plenary Lecture and Awards Reception, featuring Joseph M. DeSimone giving a talk entitled "Convergent thinking to drive new approaches to manufacturing."  The awards reception begins at 5:30 p.m., with the lecture scheduled to start at 6:15 p.m.  After the lecture, the award reception will begin.