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PMSE Student Research Award

PMSE Graduate Student Research Award

American Chemical Society

Division of Polymeric Materials:  Science and Engineering (PMSE)


An Award for Women or Under-Represented Minorities


PMSE is pleased to announce a biannual award which provides $500.00 of to graduate student women or under-represented minority men (Black, Hispanic or Native American) to attend and present their research at the National ACS Meetings.  Four awards will be made yearly, two at each of the National ACS Meetings.  Awards will be made competitively among applicants who have submitted papers to the upcoming ACS PMSE program.


•     Graduate student women or under-represented minority men (Black, Hispanic, Native American) performing research in fields related to Polymer Science and Engineering.

•     U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

•     Full-time graduate students at the time of application.

•     Preprint submission to one of the PMSE program sessions.  A full length preprint associated with an oral or poster presentation must be submitted to be eligible for the Ford Award.

Selection Criteria:

•     Awardees will be selected by a committee appointed by PMSE.

•    Selection will be based on the quality of the technical work and written preprint, and the recommendation of the graduate student's research advisor.


Eligible students must submit pdf version of the documents listed below:

1.   Copy of the abstract submitted to PMSE, which conforms to ACS submission procedures.  The applicant must be the first author, as well as the presenter of the work associated with the Preprint.

2.   The Application Forms certifying eligibility, with advisor's signature.

3.   Letter of recommendation from research advisor.

4.   Deadline for receipt of application materials is July 15, 2016 for the 2016 ACS Meeting in Philadelphia. Please email the documents to the email address provided.


Send application materials to:

Professor Rajeswari Kasi
Polymer Program, Institute of Materials Science
University of Connecticut
97 North Eagleville Road
Storrs, CT 06269
Email: email





 PMSE Graduate Student Research Award

DEADLINE: July 16, 2016 for the Philadelphia ACS Meeting

American Chemical Society
Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering


NAME: ___________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________



PHONE: __________________________________

E-MAIL: __________________________________

SCHOOL: _________________________________

MAJOR: __________________________________

DEGREE: ___________ M.S._____________Ph.D.

DEGREE DATE (expected): _________________

TODAY'S DATE: ___________________________


Certification of Eligibility

The student named above meets the eligibility criteria for the PMSE Graduate Student Research Grant:

 1.    __ Female    __ Minority Female     __ Minority Male (Black, Hispanic, Native American)

 2.   __ U.S. Citizen    __ Permanent Resident

 3.   __ PMSE Preprint Submitted

 4.   __ Full-time Graduate Student

Research Advisor's Name (printed)    ______________________________________________

Research Advisor's Signature           ______________________________________________

Recommendation of Research Advisor

(Please write a brief statement about the qualification of the applicant. You may continue on the reverse side, or attach a separate statement.)



Download the Application Form and Eligibility Info here.