Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Division: Archival Website (through 2017)

POLY Workshops



October 13-16, 2014
Omni Hotel
San Diego, CA

Program Chairs
Scott Iacono
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
U.S. Air Force Academy

Bruno Ameduri
Institute Charles Gerhardt
Montpellier, France


Interested Speakers, Poster Presenters, and Sponsor Opportunities:

Topical Sessions
• Fundamental and advanced technology tutorials
• Polymer and copolymer synthesis and mechanisms
• Structure / property relationships
• Coatings and surfaces
• Biological and biomedical applications
• Membrane and energy conversion applications
• Fluoropolymers in lithium ion battery applications
• Piezoelectrical and PV devices
• Photonic, optical, and electronic applications
• Industrial elastomers and plastics
• Composites, hybrids, and interfaces
• Semi-fluorinated polymers for emerging applications
• Supercritical fluid processing
• Environmental impact and regulatory status

Poster submissions are highly encouraged with various sponsor awards available

Confirmed Speakers
Christopher Wohl NASA
Naiyong Jing 3M
Alexandru Asandei University of Connecticut
Mike Owen Michigan Molecular Institute
Loon-Seng Tan Air Force Research Laboratory - Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Peter Rinaldi University of Akron
Chris Junk DuPont Central Research & Development
Mathias Destarac Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse
Andrew Guenthner Air Force Research Laboratory - Edwards Air Force Base
Doris Pospiech Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden
Bruno Ameduri CNRS - Montpellier
Karen Gleason MIT
Armand Soldera Sherbrooke University
Shinsuke Inagi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Lei Zhu Case Western Reserve University
Dvora Perhia Clemson University
Stephen Creager Clemson University
Mike Chung Penn State
Chad Booth Texas State University
Atsushi Takahara Kyushu University
Shulamith Schlick University of Detroit - Mercy
Sabine Beuermann Clausthal University of Technology
Cristina Iojoiu CNRS
Chad Friesen Trinity University
Philip Crouse The University of Pretoria
Atsushi Watakabe Asahi Glass Co., Ltd
Bob Buck DuPont
Walter Navarrini Polytechnic University of Milan
Kenneth J. Wynne Virginia Commonwealth University
Michelle Pantoya Texas Tech University
John Granier Energetic Materials Products Inc.
Karen Martirosyan University of Texas at Brownsville
Harry Allcock University of Pennsylvannia
Alan Sellinger Colorado School of Mines
Kouji Nakanishi Daikin Industries, Ltd
Hiroki Yamaguchi Daikin Industries, Ltd
Joseph Thrasher Clemson University
Vincenzo Arcella Solvay Specialty
Hideo Sawada Hirosaki University
Mustapha Raihane Cadi Ayyad University
William Brittain, Texas State University