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Frequently Asked Questions

Division Preprints



Q. How do I submit a preprint?
A.  Assuming you know the symposium title and division name, first go to the OASYS URL (http://oasys.acs.org) and submit an abstract (including primary author and abstract text). Record the abstract number, password, and confirmation page.  Second, go to the division home page and download a preprint document template (.dot file).  Third, return to the OASYS URL after preparing your preprint file, choosing the option “View/Modify an Abstract or Preprint”.  A preprint hyperlink should now be visible in the left frame, abstract control panel. Click on the preprint link and it will launch you to a page where you can choose a type of file to upload. After loading the file to the server, it gets converted and you should automatically be able to preview it in portable data format (.pdf). If you have questions or problems during preprint submittal, email preprinthelp@acs.org.


Q. What is the maximum file size I can submit?
A. The preprint server will accept files up to 25 MB in size.  Authors with files over this size limitation can contact the preprint help desk for assistance (preprinthelp@acs.org). 


Q. Who can answer a few questions I have about including graphics in my preprint file?
A. Division Editors review all preprints prior to publication and will contact authors if there are questionable graphics included in preprints.  Here's a tip: In Microsoft Word, if you highlight your picture and click on the toolbar menu Format, Picture, several formatting options exist for color, size, position, and wrapping. You could also look over the Help, Contents and Index "about positioning text and graphics."


Q. Why are my graphics black after conversion to pdf?
A. Check the color of the background settings in the primary document.  Make appropriate changes and resubmit.


Q. Why doesn’t my file convert to pdf the same on the preprint server as it does on my desktop (additional pages are shown, or graphics or figures have shifted)?
A. If using Adobe Acrobat on your desktop, you may be using a different version or method of conversion than the preprint server.  You may need to submit more than one version of your preprint before it looks just right after conversion through the distiller on the preprint server.  The preprint server allows multiple submissions, and transmits only the most recent version to the division editor.


Q. Why did my browser time out when I was submitting my preprint?
A. You may have submitted a large file and your internet service provider lost the connection.


Q. I encountered a server error when uploading my preprint. What do I do now?
A. Retrace the steps you took to get to that point, then report the error number and message (i.e. Error 404 Not Found) to preprinthelp@acs.org.



Symposium Organizers
(session organizers do not have access)

Q. Why can’t I accept a particular abstract?
A. 1) A primary author may not have been identified in the abstract. 2) A preprint file may not have been submitted. Divisions have a “No Paper, No Podium Policy” which means abstracts cannot be accepted without a preprint. Contact your program chair for exceptions to this rule.


Q. What is preventing me from organizing my symposium into half day sessions in OASYS?
A.  You  must accept or reject all abstracts (and preprints) before you can proceed to organizing the symposium.


Q.How can I allow a revised submittal after the author deadline?
Program chairs can provide instructions for a Symposium Organizer Login directly to the preprint server.  Symposium Organizers can allow a one time opening of the system for authors to submit revised files.  This option can be used for several revisions if needed.  Authors should be encouraged to adhere to division deadlines, as this option creates considerable work for the (volunteer) organizers.


Q.  How can I tell which abstracts are missing preprints?
A.  In each abstract, click on the preprint link in the abstract control panel. Or, contact your program chair. Program chairs can view a report that shows missing preprints.