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2013 Distinguished Service Award



Dr. David Bauer


Dr. Bauer is a Managing Scientist in Exponent’s Vehicle Engineering practice, joining Exponent after over 29 years with Ford Motor Company.  Dr. Bauer has carried out research in several areas of polymeric materials including paint, plastics, elastomers and fuel cells.  His major research focus has been in the areas of paint and plastics failure analysis and service life prediction.  Along with developing new approaches to measuring material degradation, Dr. Bauer has taken the results of accelerated tests and used them to accurately determine field performance.  Dr. Bauer has made important contributions to the understanding of UV degradation, thermal oxidation, and hydrolysis of polymers. He has published over 115 papers in peer-reviewed journals and made over 150 presentations in a wide range of areas including paint cure, paint rheology, paint weathering, plastics characterization, plastics failure analysis, and tire aging. He has edited two books on service life prediction in coatings.  He has won two of the major awards in Coatings Science:  the Roy Tess Award in Coatings and the Mattiello Lecture.  


Credentials and Professional Honors

Ph.D., Chemistry, Stanford University, 1975

B.S., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1971

Member Sigma Xi; Chair of Ford Motor Company Chapter in 1986; Member American Chemical Society; Chair of the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering in 1994. Also served as Treasurer and Alternate Councilor for the Division as well as Newsletter editor, chair of the Roy Tess Award committee, and Audit committee, as well as organizing short courses and symposia.

Presented Joseph Mattiello Lecture to Federation of Societies of Coatings Technology (1996); Winner Roy W. Tess Award for Outstanding Contributions to Coatings Science (2000); Elected Fellow of the Polymeric Materials:  Science and Engineering Division of the American Chemical Society (2000); Best Paper Award, “Effects of Nitrogen Inflation on Tire Aging and Performance,” Rubber Division Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI (2004); Ford Chassis Engineering Technical Achievement Award, “Accelerated Tests for Tire Aging,” (2006)