Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Division: Archival Website (through 2017)

2016 Distinguished Service Award

Lisa S. Baugh is a Research Associate in ExxonMobil’s Corporate Strategic Research Laboratory in Annandale, NJ.  She joined Exxon in 1997 after completing her PhD in chemistry at the University of California-Berkeley.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas-Austin and carried out part of her PhD work in the UMass-Amherst Polymer Science & Engineering Department.  At ExxonMobil, her research has focused mainly on polyolefin synthesis and structure-property relationships, spanning topics from transition metal-mediated polymerization and functional polyolefins to plasticizers, polymer blends, and carbon capture. She has numerous patents and publications and is a 2014 recipient of the New Jersey R&D Council Thomas Edison Patent Award.

Lisa’s work with PMSE began in 1998 as a symposium organizer and secretariat representative.  She has subsequently been elected to 9 straight terms as Member-at-Large and served PMSE in many capacities, most notably as chair of the Books and Preprints committees.  In this role, she has helped guide the Division through the transition to online publications and the end of the Preprint era.  During that transition away from Preprints, Lisa devised a method for supplying user-friendly CDs to those requesting them, meeting member needs; she also designed the PMSE Preprints web site (one didn’t previously exist) and has maintained it up-to-date for the past decade.

Lisa has worked to guarantee permanent, broad online access to PMSE Preprints.  In 2007 she initiated contracts with a commercial journal supplier for online ordering of subscriptions and back issues, and created a popular service to provide preprint articles from 1970 onward for a nominal fee.  This required compiling a complete 83-volume archive of PMSE Preprints.  Previously, single preprint articles were only available through an informal and unreliable library network.  The online systems put in place by Lisa ensure that the valuable technical content in 45 years of PMSE Preprints will remain accessible to the scientific community. 

Lisa has also served as PMSE Membership Chair, awards judge, and awards publicity coordinator, and represented PMSE as the 2001 Secretary-General of the Catalysis Secretariat (CATL).  She is a past Editorial Advisory Board member for the ACS magazine Chemistry, a past Associate of the Women Chemists Committee, and a 20-year member of POLY Division.