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2012 AzkoNobel Student Award in Applied Polymer Science


The Division is pleased to announce that Christopher M. Evans is the winner of the 2012 AkzoNobel Student Award in Applied Polymer Science.  This Award, which is sponsored by AkzoNobeI and administered through the Joint Polymer Education Committee of the ACS Divisions of Polymeric Materials:  Science and Engineering (PMSE) and Polymer Chemistry (POLY), is given for the best paper presented at the AkzoNobel Award Symposium as part of the PMSE program at the 2012 Fall ACS Meeting.

Christopher M. Evans is a graduate student at Northwestern University where his Ph.D. thesis advisor is Prof. John M. Torkelson.  The title of his paper, which was presented at the recent Fall ACS Meeting in Philadelphia, was “Dramatic Tunability of Polystyrene Tg via Neighboring Domains: Equivalence of Multilayer Films and Binary Blends”.

The other finalists who presented papers at the Award Symposium were: Karina Carneiro (McGill University), Jihoon Choi (Carnegie Mellon University), Boyi Fu (Georgia Institute of Technology), Gaurav Giri (Stanford University), and Samira Musah (University of Wisconsin–Madison).

The Award, consisting of $1600 and a plaque, will be presented to Christopher M. Evans at the Joint PMSE/POLY Awards Reception at the Spring 2013 ACS Meeting in New Orleans, LA.