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POLY/PMSE Student Chapters

What is a POLY/PMSE Student Chapter?

A student run organization affiliated with the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) and the Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE) that provides networking, career development and opportunities to students and post-doctoral associates in the polymer field. 

How do I start a POLY/PMSE Student Chapter? 

Please contact Sara Orski at sara.orski@nist.gov for information on how to start a student chapter,

Current Student Chapters

School President Faculty Advisor
Case Western Reserve University Daniel Brannum Dave Schiraldi
University of AkronKevin EndresKevin Cavicchi
University of Delaware Kevin Dicker Dave Martin
University of Florida Mayra Rostagno Brent Sumerlin
University of Michigan Leanna Foster Timothy Scott
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Cecilia Hall Theresa Reineke

University of South Carolina

Jeffery Hayat Brian Benicewicz

University of Southern Mississippi

Katrina Knauer Derek Patton
Virginia TechRyan Mondschein

 John Matson


Student Chapter Grants

Starting in 2015 student chapter support from the POLY and PMSE divisions will require the completion of a student chapter report.


  1. Please fill out the membership roster. This roster will be used to determine the amount of support that will be provided by the POLY and PMSE divisions in 2016.

10 – 24 members: $200

25 or more members: $500

  1. Please provide a one page narrative statement describing:

  • what were the major activities and accomplishments of your chapter in the past year (2015)

  • what are the major planned activities and goals for your chapter in the upcoming year (2016)

This report will also be used to determine the Best Student Chapter of 2015. This Best Chapter will receive an additional $500 award to be used towards chapter activities.

DUE DATE: January 29th, 2016

Report Filing

The report form can be downloaded here.

The roster form can be downloaded here.

Past Grant Winners





University of South Carolina
University of Southern Mississippi